How To Add Each Blog Post in Separate box

Add Each Blog Post in Separate box:-In many Blogger Templates you may have seen that there is not a separate box for every Post,but each post is completely shown as inDynamic Blogger Templates.Here we will show you How to Add Each Post in a Separate Beautiful Box along-with many Color Schemes.Actually this hack can be applied by using CSS ,Applying this hack each post will be shown in a separate box and when ones hover mouse it will change the Border Color and When Again Hover it will automatically again change the Color.Now How to do it,Let me Elaborate it in some easy steps.

How To Add Each Blog Post In Separate Box

  • Go To
  • Sign in There and Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • There Click on Template
  • Then Click On Customize
  • After that Click On Advanced Option
  • And Then Select CSS(i.e Add CSS)
  • Now Copy the below Code and paste it over there.
.post {
border: 2px solid #000000;
.post:hover {
border: 2px solid #FF0000;
.post:active {
border: 2px solid #0004FF;
  • That's it
Customization :- If You are interested in Changing the background Color then Replace #FFFFFF with Your Own Color Code.And If you want to change the Border Color then Change #000000 #FF0000 #0004FF  to Your Desired Color Code

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