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Achieve Fitness One Day at a Time

Believing anything happens quickly is not realistic. Fitness is a process of small changes creating large results over time.  No magic wand to instantly provide a chiseled physique or bikini body.  We may want that, but not how it works.  Quick fix thoughts only set us up for frustration and failure.

Achieve fitness one day at a time.  Biceps don't suddenly appear after your first day in the gym.  What does occur when you apply fitness daily is progress.  The muscle will show up but let it work, grow and build.  It's like a fine wine or great simmering stew.  The journey will be rewarding but patience is required.

One of the worst things you could do is to jump into a fad diet or take unregulated fat burning supplements thinking this is the answer.  Read the small print on any of these psuedo fitness deals.  "Best results when accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise program" is what you'll find.  All that needs to happen is to follow the small print which is the best advice on those bottles. In fact, any results achieved comes from implementing a healthy nutrition plan and exercise.  You're the one doing the work, not what's in those bottles.

Fitness done daily will take time and effort but the lifelong results are the reward. It's also a journey and not a destination.  There's no need to feel rushed or stressed about getting fit.  It's really a simple process often over-complicated. Find healthy foods and exercise you enjoy and this is what keeps you coming back for more.
Avoid jumping ahead in your mind to what you want now and focus on today. What are you doing today to reach your fitness goals?  Did you workout, eat healthy and get plenty of rest?  Awesome!  Celebrate your daily achievements.  Write them down if it helps.  Stay positive even when things aren't showing up as fast as you think they should.

We're all different in how our bodies respond to change.  Comparing to friends or people we see at the gym is the thief of joy.  We're not here to be or look like someone else.  Our job is to become our best healthy self through daily choices. Who cares if your friend lost 5lbs and you didn't reach that mark. Fitness is not about who is faster at achieving results.

The goal is getting fit and loving ourselves through the process.  The days are going to pass anyway so focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle the right way. Today is what we have, tomorrow isn't promised and yesterday is gone.  Be in the now with your fitness and you'll get there one day at a time. Be well and Stay Healthy!

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Darla Leal, Fit-over-50

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