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Hide Files in Image Files !!!

Sometimes we are eager to hide some files on the system !!!
(I won't ask Why ???)

So, now i have got a trick to hide files in image files !!!

Here it is :

** You require WinRAR installed on your PC for this trick.
** First add your files to .rar and i.e. say files.rar
** Say you have a image as img.jpg** Now, save files.rar and img.jpg in c:\ drive.
** Click start >> Run** Type cmd** Now in command prompt type cd..** Again type cd..** Type copy /b img.jpg + files.rar new.jpg

-------------- Please Note --------------
>> This command will concatenate the two files into the new file new.jpg
>> Don't type files.rar + img.jpg instead of img.jpg + files.rar.
>> Now, (size of new.jpg) = (size of img.jpg) + (size of files.rar) .


*** Mission Accomplished !!! ***

Now, we have new.jpg consisting of both img.jpg and files.rar .

Accessing the files :
** Double click new.jpg and img.jpg can be viewed.

** Now, to access files.rar :
# Right click on new.jpg >> Select Open With >> Choose Program...
# Select WinRAR archiver.
Now, simply Extract your files !

Enjoy... Please Comment if you liked my work !!!
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