How to Get Alexa Ranking Under 100,000 in Less than A Month

How to Get Alexa Ranking Under 100,000 in Less than A Month

By: Ashwath

Alexa Rank is the most over rated term these days.After Google Page Rank the figure that is given high importance is the Alexa Rank.Day by Day Google Page Rank is loosing its popularity and it is taken up by Domains Authority and Alexa Ranking.
If you are willing to get your alexa below 100,000 then you should know how alexa rank basically works.Do read my article on How Alexa Ranking works for a details info.
  • If you are aware of how alexa ranking works then its clear that you need traffic from bloggers and web masters to boost your alexa rank super fast.Because they are the people who will be installing alexa widget on their blogs.

Some Killer Tips to Get Alexa Below 100,000 in less than a Month:

Get Traffic from Bloggers and Webmasters.This is the point I am stressing from the beginning of the article but this is the only thing that helps you in boosting alexa rank super fast.The below are some methods to drive traffic targeted traffic to your blog which can boost alexa rank.

Write on Blogging ,SEO and Internet Marketing:

If you observe something blogs related to Internet Marketing have an awesome alexa even though they have less traffic.The reason is pretty much simple and straight forward i.e traffic from bloggers.So if you write articles related to Blogging ,SEO and Internet Marketing then you will get good traffic from bloggers thereby boosting alexa.

Participate in Discussion on Social Media:

These days everyone is on social media especially bloggers and web masters.When coming to social media the best networks I recommend to boost alexa are Facebook , Google Plus ,Triberr etc.
  • Facebook :The best social networking site today.Almost everyone is on Facebook Today especially Bloggers.Facebook is not only place to chit chat with friends but its a place to share and gain knowledge if you use it properly.Previously people used to live a life in the real world.But now people are living a life on Internet i.e on Facebook.Now all you have to do is join groups on Facebook related to Blogging,Internet Marketing and SEO.Then participate in discussions.Don’t spam the groups because the admins are very strict and will ban you permanently.When you participate in active discussion you can give one of your blog posts as reference to solve the issue of the people.In this way you can drive targeted traffic which will boost alexa rank super fast.
I am part of many Internet Marketing groups and very active on Facebook and Google Plus.Be active on these social media sites if you are not.
  • Google Plus:Not many people are active on Google Plus but the best thing about Google Plus is that most of the webmasters and bloggers are active over there.So you can take advantage of it.Join Communities that are related to Internet Marketing and promote your content.Don’t forget to use Hash Tag while sharing content on Google Plus.
  • Triberr :I haven’t used this network much but I heard a lot of reviews regarding this social network where we can connect with like minded to people and form a tribe.This tribe will help your content get more shares on social media.

Write Reviews about Alexa:

After reading this point I am sure many of the people will rush to your blog to write articles related to alexa and how to improve alexa ranking.
Yes go ahead and write articles related to Alexa. Because people who search for alexa should already have installed alexa toolbar on their browser so those visits will supercharge your ranking.You will notice an abnormal increase in alexa rank once you write posts about alexa.

Take Active Participation in Forums: 

Not all forums can help you in boosting alexa.Only few specific forums that are related to Internet Marketing Niche can help you.Some of the examples of such forums include  Warrior Forums ,Digital Point Forum ,Black Hat World etc.Take active participation in forum and link back to your blog in signature.

Comment on Comment Luv Enabled Blogs:

This comment luv is enabled on only few blogs that too blogs belonging to internet marketing niche.So if you are the first to comment on posts of those blogs with comment luv then you will get 20% of traffic back to your blog who visits those posts.So highly targeted free traffic.

Use Fake Methods:

Now I wont be writing much about the fake methods here as I have already wrote a article on Step by Step Guide to Boost Alexa Rank with Fake Methods.

In a Nutshell:

  • Do whatever you can in such a way that you get traffic from bloggers and webmasters.Only such traffic can boost your alexa ranking super fast.


If you follow the above what all I mentioned then trust me your alexa will get even below 50,000 in less than a month.
  If you want to add anything feel free to share in your commments.
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