How to Get a Girl's 10 Digit Mobile Number Using Math Trick

This is an Indian version of cool math trick of how to get a girl's 10 digit mobile number. But you have to approach her first and agree to play a game with you. Or you can just go and tell her that you are going to do some magic trick for her ..HAHA ABRA KA DABRA. So lets start
You are going to need a 12 digit calculator, a pen and a paper. Now you are all set to go.

Approach the lady and don't worry if she is with her friends, its even better. You can tell all of them that you are gonna show a cool magic trick and this will make them curious to know what you are going to do.

So, start by writing some random 10 digit number on paper and don't let anybody see what you have written on it. Now tell the lady that you have written her mobile number on this paper. Fold the paper several times and keep it in your pocket or you can ask her to keep it, but tell her to not open it until your permission. The main trick starts from here, take out your 12 digit calculator and ask her to write first three digits of her phone number on it. Tell her to do this in private so that you can't see that. Although you can tell her to do this with one of her close friend to make sure she is not cheating or not doing any step wrong by mistake. After she has typed first three digits of her mobile number on calculator tell her to multiply it by 125, tell her to press equals button every time she performs an operation. After that tell her to again multiply the result by 16 and press equals. Now tell her to add next three digits of her mobile number and ask her to add them once again in the result. Now tell her to multiply the result by 80. After that ask her to add 1 in the result. After addition she will have to once again multiply the result by 250. Now ask her to add the last four digits of her 10 digit mobile number four times in the result. This is very important she will have to add last four digits of her mobile number a total of 4 times in the result. May be she is all tired after doing all these steps so ask her to do a last step for you and tell her to subtract 250 from the result. As she is all tired so you can take the calculator from her now and the only thing you have to do is to divide the whole result by 4 and what you get is your dream girls personal mobile number.

You can now ask her to take out the paper on which you wrote a random 10 digit number initially and you have to act cunning this time and you can say some problem happened earlier and you need one more chance to write her mobile number or you can tell her this time you can call her from your own mobile. As of now you know her real mobile number you just have to remember it for a short time and now just call her from your own mobile. This way you can get her 10 digit phone number with a calculator and a math trick. This trick will surely amaze her and even you will end acting smart to her in front of her friends.

This is also a cool trick you can show to your friend's in college, school or even at your workplace.
Here I am writing all the steps in a list for you guys but don't forget to press equals after each step -

  1. Write first 3 digits of mobile number.
  2. Multiply by125.
  3. Multiply by 16.
  4. Add next 3 digits of mobile number.
  5. Add next 3 digits of number again.
  6. Multiply by 80.
  7. Add 1.
  8. Multiply by 250.
  9. Add last 4 digits of number.
  10. Add last 4 digits again.
  11. Add last 4 digits once again.
  12. Add last 4 digits one more time.
  13. Subtract 250.
  14. Divide by 4. END
These are all the steps required to get any girl's or guy's phone number without asking for it. Do this as a social experiment.
I request all my readers not to misuse this trick. But you can simply ask them whether is it alright if you keep their mobile number or text them.

AND don't forget to comments below for any query or suggestion.
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