How to recover our deleted blog post

How to recover deleted blog posts on blogger Blogger How to Hi guys, Somehow deleted a blog post on blogger ? Don't worry I have a very easy and successful tip to recover those deleted blog posts. This tip can be and is a very useful one for those who unknowingly or by the influence of the mood, deleted a or a number of blog post from their blog. This method is based on search engine caching, say Google. I found this as the easiest and the fastest method to recover deleted blog posts. Search engines always cache the blog posts you have posted and that was crawled by Google's search engine. How to easily recover deleted blog posts using Google ? STEP 1: Open and search as shown below site:YOURBLOG'SNAME topic (topic is not a must) Eg: recharge apps STEP 2: Click on the down arrow at the end of the required post's link and then click on the " Cached". STEP 3: Now, you will see an older version of your blog saved by Google. Click on "View source". STEP 4: Search for " PostID " in the browser (use Ctrl + F ). You will find something like the below one. STEP 5: Copy it and Open your Blog's dashboard and click on "edit" of any post. STEP 6: Replace the PostID in link to the one you have copied earlier. STEP 7: You now see the deleted post. Click on publish after making any changes if wishing. Have a great blog... Thanks
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