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Note : This ---- has a built-in update function. Once IDM new version comes, you can update and apply ---- right away.
Last Updated : IDM 6.23 build 18
_______________________LIFETIME ------ __________________________
Internet Download Manager Universal ------
How to ---- any IDM Version ?
  1. Install the latest version of IDM / Or update via quick update (yes its possible now)
  2. Turn off any virus guards
  3. Download and Run IDM Universal Web Cr*ck.exe
  4. Update IDM Universal Web ----- (if it asks) [screenshot]
  5. Select IDM Installation path
  6. Click ----c-r-a-c-k--button and wait till it say IDM activated successfully ! (Press the button twice to make sure it worked)
  7. Now open IDM and enjoy lifetime full version license
How to Update / When a new version of IDM comes
Update IDM via IDM’s quick update.Then  run the IDM Universal Web ---- and follow above steps from step 3.
Universal Web --- V4 Changelog
  • Under-the-hood web serial key fetching for up-to-date serial keys
  • Completely new and faster updater engine
  • Direct --- mode to release faster ---updates (we know we did late updates, but there’ll be no more late updates with the new method)
  • Improved registry ----- to fix all the fake serial key issues (yup there will be no more fake serial key issues with this + web key fetch method)
  • Improved version detection of IDM installation with multiple methods (no more wrong version detection)
  • New windows 8 theme with auto applying
  • Reduced file size
  • Many many bug fixes
Notes and Info
  • do not delete update.bin file as it is needed to function the --- . In case if you delete it, ---  it re-download the missing files once opened
  • perfect --- will be done once, you get all three ticks in green or purple in the ----status (purple tick means direct ----mode active)
  • if a new --- version release becomes late, you will see a notice about it in the bottom of ---- :)
  • Click Read Me button in ----- to get information about all the functions in ---- App.
  • No, you cannot remove that smiley face comes after registration name :)
  • --- is 100% clean. Virus guards may act made mad as it modifies IDM installation registry values
  • If you have any problems on this or found a bug, comment below. Cheers ツ

Direct link 1                      or                     Direct Link 2

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