maginer CC 2015

maginer CC 2015

Imaginer CC 2015 | 4.11MB

Imaginer CC 2015 is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 This plugin turns to improve your photos to a new level. Get all previews in one click before use. Imaginer CC It has 11 professional photo effects with improving and adding more beautiful colors to make images look stunning. Imaginer CC 2015 is suitable for beginners and professional photographers to create images, fashion and portrait photography is unique and looks great. With this plugin you can quickly and easily add your professional image.

  1. Imagine: Lowas 
  2. Imagine: Coldy 
  3. Imagine: Retra 
  4. Imagine: Oldy 
  5. Imagine Dream 
  6. Imagine: Warmy 
  7. Imagine: Vintage 
  8. Imagine: Maverick 
  9. Imagine: Freshy 
  10. Imagine: 1980 
  11. Imagine: Blacky
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