Reaching Your Fitness Goals To Success

Fitness Goals Are Meant to Be Maintained

Reaching your fitness goals is an accomplishment to be praised.  Are you maintaining them is the question?  Fitness is not meant to be a temporary fix to get into a bikini or attend a wedding.  It's a lifestyle of health and wellness.  Sure, you will rock that suit and look good in those pictures but is that all fitness means?

True fitness success is when you live it daily.  Healthy foods are being consumed consistently and exercise is part of your normal routine.  In fact, getting off track for too long will make you feel like crap.  Fitness becomes a priority and excuses no longer get in the way.  You refuse to return to being overweight, sick and nearly dead.  You get the point.

I've seen too many people succeed at reaching goal weights, reduced body fat and improved health and throw it all away.  The belief system we can get away with returning to a few old habits snowballs.  The purpose of dumping old ways is to learn and keep new and healthier methods.  This is lacking and maintaining our health is suffering. 

We need to focus not only on reaching our fitness goals but keeping them for life. Life is the event we are getting in shape for not bikini season.  Forget the clothes and stand naked in front of your mirror.  This will let you know if you're doing a great job of maintaining your fitness. I'm not talking about body and skin changes naturally occurring with aging.  We all know the difference and also if we're not living a healthy life. 

We show outwardly how we live inwardly.  Not recording in your food journal thinking your body doesn't know is craziness.  Your body keeps the most accurate record of what you're eating and drinking.   Reaching fitness goals is possible because you have done it and maybe more than once.  Instead of having to repeat getting back and shape, why not just stay in shape.  Real talk all in fitness love.  Be well and Stay Healthy!
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