What Is The Role of ^ How To Get Traffic in Getting Adsense Approval

What Is The Role of Traffic in Getting Adsense Approval

Hello Bloggers,

Do you want to earn?Ya you heard it properly..
I know, who don’t wants to earn? Right?
Actually when it comes to earning, Opening a blog is not enough. You have to work hard for that and for earning you should have an adsense account. Now you must be thinking about the role of traffic in getting adsense approval.
If yes, then this post is written for you. Have a look at this and comment below if you have any queries.
But getting adsense account is not an easy task, Everyone knows traffic of a blog is the key factor of that blog’s earning. In this regard you must be thinking that “Does traffic really matters in getting adsense account?”Many bloggers are asking in forums, How many visitors are needed for the approval of an adsense account? Do we need a good flow of traffic or not?
You can’t find anything about visitors for adsense approval because Google has not shared anything about role of traffic in getting adsense account. But looking at some of the cases we will try to solve thi question.

What Google Says about daily traffic

There is not even a single word about traffic on Google Adsense Terms of Services. Google has not mentioned or shared anything about this regard. This can be due to fact that traffic doesn’t matter for Google.
But if traffic doesn’t matter then what matters and we can’t even ingore the traffic because If somehow you get adsense approval for your website or blog, You won’t be able to make money because you don’t have that amount of traffic.

My personal experience

When i opened my first blog there was not much traffic but i wanted to earn So i applied for Google Adsense and you know what… i don’t get adsense approval even when i used to get a little traffic. I applied again and again and with different Ip’s and one day i got Adsense approval when my traffic reached to a good amount of level.
But one of my blog got adsense approval even when that blog have only a little traffic but that was an exception. You can’t understand Google and their policies but you can predict their policies. I think for google adsense approval, you must be having good traffic but it is also not necessary sometimes.
For adsense approval your traffic must not be decreasing, If that is happening it will be difficult for you to get adsense approval. To see your traffic you must be connected to Google analytics. Sign in to your account and see the audience overview. It will show a graph.
An upward slope means that your traffic is increasing which gives you a positive impact whereas a downward slope means that your traffic is decreasing day by day which doesn’t sounds good But that should not happen.
Similarly if you have a horizontal straight line it means there is stability of visitors. Stability of visitors is not bad but it is not good also, You must have an upward slope.
Getting a zig-zag graph shows that you are getting traffic but not in a particular sequence or manner. It means you are not getting consecutive visitors which is also not good.
Remember i did not say that a horizontal straight line and zig-zag graph is good but still not that bad and are better than a downward graph.

How to maintain the daily traffic of your blog?

Is traffic the only way?

1. It a question that popups in many of ours mind but still it not easy to maintain the frequency of your daily visitors. There are many things that a newbie blogger don’t know about and due to lack of knowledge or the wrong keyword selection. This can lead to decline in visitors and give you a downward slope. As i mentioned about good amount of visitors are required for the approval of google adsense and if you want you alexa rank to be improved you also need to do the same.
2. So maintaining your visitors is step that must do with great concentration. You can use the low competitive keyword to rank on Google but low competitive keyword will have less traffic and you have to write more and more post on low competitive keywords to get good frequency of visitors.
3. Work on trending topics to get more traffic and side by side on upcoming topic. This will give you instant traffic if you rank and getting adsense approval would be much easier than before.
4. Make your blog run faster i.e. increase the speed of your blog to load faster. You can do so by compressing the images and removing unwanted things from your blog Good optimization of a blog is also a main key feature to rank on Google.
5. Now-a-days google is giving more priority to mobile friendly site. So it is necessary to make your site mobile friendly and getting a responsive theme can also help a lot.

Things to remember before applying for adsense

1. The most important thing is don’t copy. Write your own and unique content. This will help you to rank on Google and will improve your ranking. Google love good quality content.
2. Write Long article at least 600+ words. If possible write 1000+ words articles because Google give priority where there is good quality and sufficient content.
3. If you started working on your blog you must be working on a single niche first and then you can go ahead for multi niche blog if you want. You would rank if you work on a single niche.
4. Try to maintain frequency of visitors (i already explained above)
5. Don’t be so energetic, apply for adsense after writing some article. If you don’t have articles where would you show Google ads and you will not get approval definitely.
6. Try to write post at regular intervals in a good flow. It will definitely improve your ranking and when Google starts indexing your webpages more frequently it means you blog is rising in the sky.
7. Try to avoid images. Yes! Images does have a copyright issue. This is the major reason for not getting approval. Copyright content used can also ban your blog for adsense.
8. Using a ‘F’ responsive theme can also help you to get approval. It means the links should be between the top right area and within top to bottom of the post. You can change your theme after adsense approval if you want.
9. Using a fully responsive theme will definitely work. Use a theme which works properly on tablets,mobile phones and laptop. Also make your blog run faster because it is not necessary that all people are having good internet connection. That’s why google love fast blog which is also time saving.
10. Make sure you have ‘contact us’,’about us’ and ‘privacy policy’ pages on your blog.
11. Submit a sitemap is a step that you must do first because it will help google crawling your blog and getting your page indexed.
Following these methods you can easily make Google to approve your adsense request but if you applied for adsense before these methods and not getting approval after applying all these methods on your blog i will tell you a simple trick for that. Don’t apply for adsense with a single IP, try to use different IP for your next request.
I have also shared my personal experience above but if you still have some queries about this particular topic don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what your problem is and we will reply you soon.
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